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Rainmeter Desktop customization to spice up your windows desktop video.


Watch my video on how you can use Rainmeter to customize and improve the appearance of your Windows desktop for free. Rainmeter is a desktop widget and customization programs which make using your desktop on Windows based computer more fun, simpler, and more productive to use.

You can download skins for Rainmeter online by searching for Rainmeter themes with Google or Deviantart. You can move, add and remove widgets very easily. You can even use widgets on Rainmeter to launch and control your favourite programs like Notepad, Itunes, FireFox, Winamp, etc. The customization option for rainmeter are endless. Rainmeter can be configured to tell you the current time, weather, RSS feeds, e-mail alerts, and more with its built in widgets.

Download Rainmeter at http://www.rainmeter.net/

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