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Youtube video on how to make an animated gun cursor in RealWorld Cursor Editor + change Windows cursor

Learn how to make an animated cursor of a small shot gun in RealWorld Cursor Editor for free. I teach you how to draw the frames needed to animate your gun cursor’s bullet, trigger, and gun hammer. Plus, how to save the file as a .ani file, so you can use it in Windows. If you know how to make a animated cursor, you know how to make a standard cursor which you save with a .cur extension. You can also design custom cursors for your software made in Visual Studios, and other application development software like Eclipse, etc. Though, you might need to know a little about coding to code the cursor into the program.

All I did was basically copied and paste the first frame with Real World Cursor Editor by using the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. I drew the bullet, trigger, and hammer moving like a real gun. It helps if you know how to make animated gifs, flash animation, or animation. When I am done I saved my cursor as a .ani file in Windows/cursors folder.

animated cursor editor

If you do not know how to change your mouse cursor, then read Change Windows dull mouse cursor to nicer custom cursor in 4 steps

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