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Teracopy Free – Copy files faster and more reliably in Windows

Wait for transfer to be done

TeraCopy is a great little program which moves files faster to another drive by using dynamically adjusted buffer which an reduce seek times for drives. It can pause and resume file transfers when the user press a button. Tera Copy has error recovery functionality. It will try multiple times to copy a file which has errors, and skip the file transfer if it can’t transfer, but it won’t stop the entire copy of other files. It also verifies the files to see if they are an exact copy of the file being copied. You can also make Teracopy the default file copy program. It is also simple to use.

Download it at http://www.codesector.com/teracopy.php

1. Right click a file , and pick Teracopy from the right click menu.

Right click a file , and pick Teracopy

2. Click on the folder shortcut icon and pick a location.  (if you want to do a move, click the Copy icon, and your files will be cut not copied.)

Click Folder icon

3, Pick a location you want to copy your files to, and click OK. 

Browse for Folder

4. The transfer will start automatically. When transfer is done, you can choose to vertify the files by clicking the vertify button. 

Wait for transfer to be done

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