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WP-Optimize WordPress Plug-in helps optimize and clean up WP database

WP-Optimize database optimizer

WP-Optimize database optimizer

Every time you make a change to your post, WordPress makes a revision which is not very necessary if you are the only author. The revisions take up space on your WordPress blog’s Database. WP-Optimize plugin help me remove 122 post revisions.

There is also a function to clean up all your spam, and unapproved blog comments which can save you a lot of time if your blog is very busy.

WP-Optimize also has an “optimize Database” option which saves me time since I no longer have to login to my web hosting account, and look for my blog database, and use phpmyadmin to optimize my Blog’s database table.

It also shows your database’s statistics, and show how much space will be saved if you optimized your DB tables.

My favourite function is the ability to change my admin account name to another name, so it will be tougher for hackers to guest my admin name.

WP-Optimize is an easy to use, but effective Database tool for maintaining your database. You should backup your database on a regular basis before using this tool just in case something goes very wrong.

I give WP-Optimize a 5/5 star rating.

Plugin Homepage : wp-optimize

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