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Using Twitter Feed to increases readership to a Blog



I recently found an online application called Twitter Feed which is a program that summarizes your blog’s or website’s RSS feed, and post it on your Twitter account. If you have a lot of dedicated followers on Twitter, they might click on your Twitter  Feed posts, and you will get more hits to your website.

twitterfeed.com is the link to its website 

 Follow my twitter at twitter.com/johnsonyip 

Will you think Twitter Feed will replace your RSS reader? I kind of do think Twitter feed might be more popular then RSS since not a lot of people I know even know what RSS means, but most likely have a twitter account. Also, you can post your latest updates to Facebook, and a few other services. The best thing is you can sign into Twitter Feed with your Gmail, Yahoo, Flkr, Open ID and MyOpenID account, so you do not even have to register for an account.

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