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Chris of Jupiter Broadcasting covers Clonezilla Free Linux Disk Imaging/Cloning software, IN DEPTH and namvijay tutorial Video

Make an exact clone of your Hard Drive with Clonezilla.

Make an exact clone of your Hard Drive with Clonezilla.

What is disk cloning?

Disk cloning is the task of copying all the contents and file structure of one drive on to a file to another new drive with disk cloning software like Clonzilla, and Norton Ghost. It is kind of similar to how you download a Compressed Zip file from a website, and you use 7-zip or WinZip to extract the file to your computer. The newly created folder contains all the files and file structure as the Zip file. A real world example of cloning is a photo copier. You copy a document and the photo copier save the image on the document to a file, and prints out the document on a new piece of paper. Disk cloning save you time because you do not have to redownload all your program files and install them since from the last disk image you copied all your files, Operating system, and settings to a disk image file. All you have to do is restore it from the disk image file with a disk cloning software. I recommend you test your image on a blank hard drive to see if it works before storing it in a safe place. It is also not recommended to the same computer or hard drive since what good is the image if it is stolen or your hard drive crash. It is an invaluable tool for most computer Technicians. It saves time, resources, and money since professional data recovery is time consuming, and expensive.

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Clonezilla looks like a decent hard drive cloning software for someone who needs a free disk cloning program. It is free, and pretty simple if you used a text based program in DOS before. I give it a try when I am going to image my hard drive. He recommends burning the Clonezilla live CD to a CD or putting it on a flash drive, or bus powered USB hard drive (USB drive that does not require a power adapter) and using it to image his drive.

namvijay of youtube tutorial video “Learn how to clone and restore your disk with clonezilla “

The video is very informative and easy to understand. Good work!

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