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Tips for installing a power supply in your computer.

I upgraded my Power Supply on my Computer to a Cooler Master 460W Power Supply since the previous power supply on my PC looked kind of fishy since it is made by Bestec which seem to fail a lot  on emachines according to a lot of people online and was a 250W PSU with 20 pins plug into a 24pin Mobo connecter.

I love my new Cooler Master Power Supply. It is quiet, uses less power because it is more efficient, and I have not have one power supply over heating or power related problem with my PC for a few month since replacing my old PSU.

You can learn how to replace a power supply by watching some videos online on youtube, or meta cafe.

Safety first, Unplug the Power supply from the wall outlet then you have to do is remove all the power supply molex, floppy, and 4 pin plugs attach to the inside of the computer’s mother board, expansion cards and drives.

The person in the video does a good job explaining what a power supply is, and the features that new PSU have.

Replacing a Power supply is pretty straight foward.

1. Unplug the CPU

2. Unscrew the PSU from the case.

3. Carefully remove the Power supply plug from the motherboard.

There are usually 1-2 connecters the 20-24 pin connecter and the 4 pin connecter that looks like a square.

4.Remove all the molex and sata power plugs from your drives, video cards, etc.

5. carefully take out the PSU since you do not want to drop the PSU on your motherboard, adapter cards, or inside your computer.

6. Screw in the new power supply, and replug in the 20-24 pin connector, 4 pin P4 connecters, drive power cables, and video card power (if you have one)

7. plug the Power supply power cable into the back of the PSU then into the wall.

8. some PSU have an on/off switch on the back. Make sure the PSU is set to on.

9. Turn on your PC

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    This article is very helpful for anyone.Thank you very much.

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