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WP Clean Up – Cleans unnecessary entries in your WordPress database to make it smaller

WP Clean up

WP Clean Up is a WordPress Plug-in for WordPress which cleans up unnecessary entries in your database for WordPress easier to do. Cleaning up my database of un-needed entries will free up more space on your database for more important things like posts, comments, categories, and tags. With more free space, your blog also may run slightly faster.

WP Clean Up is easy to use compared to using Phpmyadmin where I have to use SQL commands to delete junk I don’t need anymore.

I recommend you not use WP Clean Up when any users are logged in, or when you are still writing a post because old drafts, revisions,  and moderate comments may get lost which you need to post new posts on your blogs.

Once I install WP Clean UP, I just need to go to “Dashboard”->”Settings”->”WP Clean Up” in WordPress to access the cleanup tool.

In WP Clean Up, I only have to click the delete button to clean up unnecessary Revision, Draft, Auto Draft, Moderated Comments, Spam Comments, Trash Comments, Orphan Postmeta, Orphan Commentmeta, Orphan Relationships, and Dashboard Transient Feed which I don’t need anymore. It tells me in the Count table how many entries are in each database category which WP Clean Up can cleans up.

You can choose to delete only certain categories like Trash Comments by clicking the delete button next to them in the settings page for WP Clean Up.

I can also click Delete All if you just want to free up more space on your database, and know you won’t need any of the entries which WP Clean Up cleans up.

Once you are done cleaning up your database with WP Clean Up, you can go down to the bottom of its page to press the Optimize button which will shrink your database size by optimizing its size. It also tells me the size of each table like wp_posts in the size table, and I can see the total size at the bottom of the WP Clean Up page which is useful if you are on a shared or free web hosting plan where the size of your database is limited to 100MB or more, so you know when you need to switch to a better web hosting plan or company with larger database size limits like 4GB instead of 100 MB.

WP Clean Up is pretty fast at deleting un-needed database entries, and optimizing my database. It only takes a few seconds to delete un-needed database enteries and optimizing my WordPress database.

I recommend backing up your database with Phpmyadmin, or a WordPress database backup tool just in case you deleted a draft, revision, or comments which you need. Plus, backing up your database prevents you from losing your data if your web hosts suddenly shuts down, or loses your database.

WP Clean Up is a fast, simple, and safe way to clean up your WordPress Database of un-wanted entries which makes your database size larger, and may slow down your blog. It also optimizes your database for WordPress to make your database file size smaller while also improving the performance of your database.

You can learn more about WP Clean UP, and download a copy of it at http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-clean-up/

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