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iolo System Mechanic – Easily + Automatically Maintains Your Windows PC

iolo System Mechanic

iolo System Mechanic is a simple, fast, and full featured system utility software which automatically maintains your PC to keep it running fast, stable, and safe.

I been using System Mechanic for a few days on my Windows 8 computer. After running System Mechanic Analyze and repair tool, my computer’s start up times are faster, and I notice my computer  opens programs faster than before, and I experience fewer freezes when using Firefox web browser.  System Mechanic is also very easy to use for maintaining my computer because it has simple descriptions for what each System Mechanic tool does to improve and my computer performance and reliability.  I just need to click check boxs for problems I want to repair, and click the repair button, and System Mechanic repairs my computer.

I like that System Mechanic also runs quietly in the background to improve my computer speed, and reliability, so I can do more important and fun tasks like browse the web, check e-mail, and play games while System Mechanic automatically maintains my computer when it is on.

Opeining System Mechanic is very easy. I only need to double click on the iolo System Mechanic shortcut on my desktop to launch it, and there is a tutorial screen which has links to tutorials on how to use System Mechanic if I need more help and tips on using it. In the main window in System Mechanic, there is a re-analyze link which I can click to have System Mechanic scan my computer for problems related to junk files, un-needed registry keys, disk fragmentation, disk errors, and more for System Mechanic to fix after the analyze is done.

System Mechanic comes with ActiveCare which automatically maintains your computer, so your PC continues to run quickly, and securely. ActiveCare keeps your hard drive running quickly by defraging and optimizing your drive, and it also removes junk files taking up hard drive space. ActiveCare repairs hard drive errors to make your hard drive more reliable to use. System Mechanic also automatically remove un-needed registry entries, broken shortcuts, and broken internet settings caused by viruses, so you can go online again. ActiveCare also optimizes your internet settings to improve your internet speeds, and reliability. System Mechanic ActiveCare actively scans your computer for security problems, and fixes security problems to keep you safe from viruses, malware, and other security problems. Your registry is also backed up every 14days to keep your registry safe just in case a virus, malware, and spyware infected your registry, and you need to do a full registry restore.

System Mechanic has a Internet Security section which checks to see if your Antivirus, and Firewall are both installed, and working properly.

In the All-In-one Toolbox section of System Mechanic, there are tools for speeding up, repairing, cleaning up, and securing your computer. You can also run PC Total Care to run all the tools at once to repair, cleanup, and secure Windows all at once. There is also a Total Registry Revitalizer which keeps your Registry clean, organize, and error free.

There is also a section for individual tools for optimizing Windows even more. You can use the individual tools for turning off un-needed background programs and services with EnergyBooster. Turning off un-needed programs and services would make your computer use less RAM, and CPU cycles, so your computer will run faster, and use less power since it has less programs and services open. There are also tools for turning off un-needed startup programs, removing redundant software which you don’t need, checking to see if all your computer hardware drivers are up to date, defraging your memory, re-aligning your programs on your hard drive, defraging your hard drive, boot time defrag, real-time file optimization, registry defrag, and internet settings optimization.

The Individual tools section with more tools for protecting your computer, cleaning junk files from your computer, repairing problems in Windows, securely deleting files to protect your privacy, changing Windows settings for improve performance and appearance, and performing tests to see how healthy your computer is.

iolo System Mechanic also has a reports section called Intellistatus to show you how much free and used hard drive space is on your computer, how much free memory you have, what programs and startup programs are running, and if any programs are dangerous. There is also an internet speed tester, and optimization program in Intellistatus. In the History Report section, you can see a history of what System Mechanic did to improve your computer’s performance, free disk space, internet speeds and you can use the SafetyNet option at the bottom to rollback/undo changes which System Mechanic did. You can also access SafetyNet at the top right corner of System Mechanic by clicking the SafetyNet Link at the top right.

If you need help using System Mechanic, you can click on the Help link at the top right of the program, and read through the tutorials on how to use each task. The help files are easy to understand, and very detailed.

iolo System Mechanic is a easy to use, fast. reliable system utility program which makes it easier for Windows computer users to keep their computer running fast, secure, and stable without the need to always open System Mechanic because a lot of the maintenance task runs automatically in the background as they use Windows for browsing the web.

Visit iolo.com/products/system-mechanic/ to learn more about how System Mechanic speeds up and fixes your PC automatically.

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