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Wise Care 365 2.24 Free Cleans Repairs Speeds up Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista

Wise Care 365 Free
Wise Care 365 Free

Wise Care 365 Free is a free all-in-one  system utility program which can clean up junk files from Windows, speed up Windows by adjusting settings, and repair Windows by fixing problems like disk fragmentation, unused registry cleaner, and cleaning free space. I am using Wise Care 365 in Windows 8.1, and it works great at keeping my computer running fast, and stable while also freeing up space on my hard drive by deleting temporary and junk files. Wise Care 365 is one of the best free Windows system utility clean up programs which I ever used.

Wise 365 free also has a built-in disk clean up and Advance Disk Cleanup program for removing junk computer files like temporary files and logs which you usually don’t need, registry cleaner for cleaning your registry, registry defrag, and disk defrag program built-in, so you just need Wise Care 365 Free to maintain your hard drive and registry in Windows based computer. I notice Wise Care 365 Free cleans up more junk files and registry keys than other free system utility programs, and there is also a System Slimming program for deleting un-needed Windows files like Windows Update Cache files, Wallpaper files, and Windows Help files which are not needed for Windows to run properly.

It also optimize Windows settings for improve computer and internet performance and reliability, so you don’t have to change registry keys and settings manually, and change control panel settings for improved performance.

You can also use Wise Care 365 Free to create a full registry backup, and system Restore in the backup section of the program, and Restore backups of registry key and System restores in the restore section of Wise Care 365 Free.

The scanning speed in Wise Care 365 Free is very fast, and scans in under a minute, and takes a few seconds to clean and repair Windows with the PC Checkup Program which also gives you a health rating for your PC.

The Startup manager in Wise Care 365 Free is simple to use. To turn off or on a startup program, I just click on the ON/OFF in the Startup manager to turn it on and off. The Startup Manager also has rattings to see if it is safe to turn the program on or off,  based on how many stars the program have.

You can also disable un-needed services in Wise Care 365 Free’s Startup Manager’s services tab to make Windows start and run even faster.  Unlike other services managers, Wise Care 365 Free gives you recommendations on if you should keep, enable, disable, or can’t disable the service in the Suggestions section. Turning on and off the services is simple like the startup manager in 365. I just need to press the ON/OFF button to turn the service ON or OFF.

It also has a privacy protector with a free space wiper, file shredder, and secure password generator to protect your data, and make your information harder to recover with data recovery programs. The Free space wiper, and file shredder are used to overwrite free space 1 or more times, so almost no one can recover your deleted files with most free undelete programs which can find deleted files which are not overwritten by other data. The Password generator is used to create secure passwords with Digits/Numbers, Lower Case letters, Upper Case letters,  and special characters. The default character length is 8, but you can change it to higher numbers like 10 which would make a password like 4Mfrrc{$>8 which is strong enough to protect your e-mail, online accounts, and Wi-Fi passwords from a lot of hackers.

Wise Care 365 Free also recommends other Free Wise software like Auto-shutdown, Data-Recovery, Folder Hider, Game Booster, JetSearch, Memory Optimizer, and Program Uninstaller to you to use. Memory Optimizer comes pre-bundled with Wise Care 365 Free.

Wise Care 365 Free also have costum themes/templates to change the look of the program.

What I like about Wise Care 365 Free is it lets you schedule cleanups, and repair, so you do not have to run it manualy, and Wise Care 365 tells you that a new version is available for download on its website.

Wise Care 365 Free is a great all-in-one system utility for speeding up, cleaning up, and fixing Windows, so it runs better when you use it.

Download Wise Care 365 Free at wisecleaner.com/wisecare365.html

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