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WP Touch Pro is the mobile template for this blog

It is important to have a mobile theme installed on a website because viewing desktop websites on a phone, or tablet can be hard to read because of smaller text, and long horizontal page width which make reading difficult in portrait mode. Plus, users from phones and tablets are more likely to stay longer on my blog if they are having a good reading experience by reading on a website with a mobile template which is easy to read on smaller touchscreen devices like an iPhone.

WP Touch Pro is installed on this blog to make my blog easy to read on mobile phones, and tablets running Google Andriod, iPhone, and other mobile operating systems.

WP Touch Pro is easy to install, and customize within the WordPress Dashboard.  I can very easily add a header image, change the colors, fonts, and icons on WP Touch Pro very easily by filling in forms, and using drop down menus within the WP Touch Pro plug-in in the WordPress Dashboard.

In Wp Touch Pro, it is also easy to change the background, add ads, or links to the header and footer of the theme.

There is also an app mode for iOS devices for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch to read my blog in an app mode.

WP Touch Pro theme looks good, and loads very fast on my Google Android Tablet connected to my home Wi-Fi.

I like that the design of WP Touch Pro looks like an App, and is optimized for Mobile screens like the iPhone, Google Android, etc.

It also easy to install and update to the latest version by using the WordPress Dashboard instead of using FTP programs.

If you want to view my WP Touch Pro Theme, view my website on a mobile device like iPhone or Android device.

It is also possible to switch back to the desktop site by clicking a link at the bottom of the template if your vistors prefer the desktop site over my mobile site.

WPTouchPro will also save both you and your mobile visitors bandwidth, so your website will load faster, and your visitors will use less of their data cap when visiting your site if you use WP Touch Pro on your WordPress site.

Your website will use less web server resources like CPU, RAM, and Disk space when people visit your site on a Mobile device like iPhone, iPad, Google Android, and Windows phone device, and your visitors will save time by having a mobile optimize site load on their mobile which loads fast, and can be easily read on most smartphones, and tablets.

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