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1Tap Eraser Android free up space on Google Android phones tablets

1Tap Eraser is the best cleaning cache/junk file eraser for Google Android Tablets and Smartphones. It also erases History files for your web browser, Google Play, and the Browser.

If you have a Google Android phone it can also erase

Call logs/ call history

  • Browser history
  • Other search history

to protect your privacy while saving space.

The advantage of using a cleaner app on Google Android is you have more free space for apps, user files like MP3, pictures, video, and documents.

1Tap also let me pick the cache files, browser history, and call logs and sms which I want to delete, so I don’t delete stuff like my searches which I may want to keep. 1Tap also have automatic cleaning, so you do not need to manually clean your phone or tablet with 1Tap.

Using 1Tap user interface is also very easy to use, you just pick the programs you want to clear, and click the clean button. If your storage on your Google Android Tablet and Smartphone is almost full, clearing the cache files, and your history on your device may make your phone or tablet start and run faster since I notice when the internal memory gets very full it makes my Tablet start slower until I free up space on my storage.

1Tap also uses less then 500KB/0.5MB of space which is very little space.

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