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Ubuntu 12.10, Great Alternative Operating System Review

I like using Ubuntu 12.10 as my daily operating system because it is fast, and easy to use even on slower computers. It also starts up in about 50 seconds or less.

I mostly use my computer for web browsing, typing documents, doing basic photo editing, watching video, YouTube, and listening to audio, and Ubuntu 12.10 has worked great for me for these tasks, and comes with most of the software you need for my daily tasks.

Using Ubuntu software Center is also very easy for installing new programs like Chromium web browser. Soon Steam will be coming to Ubuntu, so you can play more PC games which used to be only available on Windows and Mac.

Now with Ubuntu 12.10, you can install web app short cuts like Google Drive/Docs, YouTube, and other web apps onto Ubuntu’s launcher, so when you click on the Google Gmail icon which you installed on Ubuntu, it will launch Gmail in your web browser.

Using web apps are useful for using familiar websites like YouTube, Gmail, Spotify, and other web apps website to replace your desktop software like e-mail clients, and video players, so you can save storage space on your hard drive, and don’t need to install and update as many programs on your PC. Best of all, web apps don’t change your operating system setings, or add startup entries to your computer which can make your PC run slower.

Web apps are also convenient since if you need to use another computer, you just need to login to the web apps website like Gmail to continue your work like replying to e-mail without the need to install another program on another PC you are using.

The most noticeable improvement in Ubuntu 12.10 is the update manager which automatically checks for updates when I launch them, so I no longer have to click “check for updates” manually, so I just need to click on install updates button if updates are available for Ubuntu or software like Firefox installed in Ubuntu.

Ubuntu now show images in the Ubuntu search results when I search on the search engine  in the sidebar in Ubuntu’s desktop, and you can search online from the desktop search for video, and music.

Changing the desktop image, and appearance is very easy to do by just right clicking the desktop.

One of the best features of Ubuntu 12.10 is it runs well on an old computer Intel 1.86 GHz Dual-Core CPU with 1GB of RAM, and uses onboard intel video, so I don’t need to upgrade my computer to use Ubuntu 12.10. There is also Lubuntu and Xubuntu 12.10 which are designed to run well on older PC, and slower PC like Netbooks.

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