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Type of Stylus needed for newer tablets like iPad, Playbook, Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet, Capacitive Touch Screen Tablet

A Capacitive tablet with a round rubber ball tip is needed for newer tablets like the New iPad, Playbook, Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet, Kobo Vox, Samsung Galaxy Tab, iPhone, Android phone and other newer tablets which use capacitive touch screens which sense static electricity when your fingers touch the screen.

The Stylus or pointing device made for Capacitive touch screen tricks the screen into thinking the stylus is your finger, so you can use a stylus to type, open apps, and click on stuff. Typically, capacitive stylus looks like thick pens with a rubber tip on the end.  They also do not require batteries, and the rubber tip won’t scratch your screen like your fingernails.

A resistive stylus which is has a hard tip, and not a rubber tip won’t work on a capacitive touch screen because resistive stylus don’t have a rubber tip. A resistive stylus is used on older stylus of touchscreens found on older touchscreens found on Palm PDA, cell phones, and eBook readers.

I have been using a capacitive stylus on my Kobo Vox color eReader, and I like using a stylus instead of my finger because the tip of the stylus is easier to use to click on small links on websites, and apps. It also makes reaching for shortcuts, and objects a lot faster because of the longer shaft/stick compared to my shorter fingers. I can also type faster with a stylus compared to using one finger. A stylus also makes using swyping keyboards like Swype, and SlideIT a lot faster compared to using my finger. Holding a stylus for long periods of time also seems easier then swiping my finger on a screen because it feels more natural like holding a pencil. It is also easier to use drawing, painting, and some gaming apps with a stylus compared to a finger because of the improve controls, and smaller tip.

What I like most about using a Stylus is my screen is not full of fingerprints, and won’t get scratched by fingernails, so I don’t need to buy a screen protector for my touchscreen to protect it from fingernail scratches.

Some Stylus also come with a ball point pen on the top, so you can use it to write on paper when you are not using a stylus on your Tablet or smartphone.

I have been using  Universal Capacitive Stylus on my Kobo Vox for a few months, and it works great, and it is very responsive. It Also comes with a nice metal carrying stylus box.

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