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Not Just a Pretty Face: Genesis Theme Framework for WordPress

Any blogger will tell you that content is what keeps readers coming back.  Without compelling content, your blog is the equivalent of spam, and nobody likes spam.  The phrase “handsome is as handsome does” comes to mind.

Quality content may be the best policy, but content alone won’t attract readers.  I can’t count the number of excellent blogs that are passed by only because they aren’t aesthetically pleasing—pretty, for the less pretentious.

Pretty is Pretty Hard

Designing a visually appealing blog, however, is not something at which every blogger is an expert.  For many bloggers, in fact, customizing a blog is like learning a new language.
The truth is that if you really want to establish and keep a readership, you’re going to have to direct some effort toward designing a pretty page.

Luckily for you (if you happen to be one of the many, many design-illiterate bloggers out there — and there’s nothing wrong with that), there is Genesis.

Making Pretty Easy

Genesis is a WordPress Theme Framework that is sexy, simple, elegant, and powerful all at the same time.  The standard design emphasizes readability—a virtue more blog themes ought to adopt—cleanly separating sections of each page so that readers won’t (dare I say can’t?) get lost.

With as much information (and ads) as a blogger often has on any given page, organizing everything so that it remains straightforward and approachable, even for readers with short attention spans.  Genesis understands this need for neatness and serves it with grace and elegance.

Straight out of the “box” Genesis provides bloggers with a page design that looks so professional they can focus on what really counts: content.  It may be a sad fact, but readers are distracted by poor page design; with Genesis this is not something you have to worry about.

Not Just a Pretty Face

There are some bloggers out there who are hesitant to apply themes to their pages because blogging sites, such as WordPress, are so popular that they become targets for hackers, spammers, phishers, and other rogues.

Genesis also offers peace of mind to these individuals.  Designed with security in mind, Genesis has implemented every available measure to ensure bloggers’ security, and also has an instant update feature which keeps the software secure and contemporary.

Anyone Can Be Pretty

But it doesn’t even stop there.  A purchase of Genesis also includes 40 professionally designed WordPress themes that use Genesis as a framework, as well as access to any new themes the designers release.  Within this small but versatile library of themes there is something for everyone—artists, businessmen and women, hobbyists—and they all look amazing.

Another impressive feature of Genesis is the way it allows users to future-proof their pages by hooking new pieces of code on to their site without redesigning the page itself.  It saves a lot of worry in the long run, and also keeps you from having to totally revamp your site.

Genesis offers a solid visual foundation to bloggers who don’t want to spend the time designing their own, but are savvy enough to know that pretty pages have pretty traffic stats.  Genesis isn’t free, but it’s worth every cent.  Buy Genesis, and get back to your content.

This guest post is contributed by Angelita Williams, who writes on the topics of online courses.  She welcomes your comments at her email Id: angelita.williams7 @gmail.com.

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