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You may be a photography or Photoshop pro, but if your photos still look lackluster upon printing, you may be doing something wrong. Here are some tips to make your photos look great from camera to printer.

  • Printer

First, take a long hard look at your printer. Inkjet and thermal dye printers produce the best photos.

  • Print Before You Fix

Before you work your magic with any photo fixing tools, print out the photo to see how the colors turn out. No matter how good your printer’s preview is, you’re never going to see an exact replica of the colors on your screen with what comes out of your printer.

  • Shell Out on Expensive Paper

Higher quality paper makes photos look nicer. Of course, we all hate to spend the money on pricey paper, but it’s worth it when you want to see results.

  • Set Printer to Paper

Once you have spent money on that expensive paper, make sure your printer is set for that particular paper. Set the paper type manually (rather than relying on automatic paper readers) to make your photos clearer.

  • Turn Off Compression

Turn off compression when you want the best photo quality and do not save photos on your computers in the original compressed format. JPG is a compression scheme that loses info for every time it’s saved, making the quality lower each time it’s saved. Save in a format like TIF, instead.

Ryan is a guest blogger with an affinity for photography and technology. He’s best known for always finding the best deals using Dell coupons and for his colorful posts within the Blog Content Guild.

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