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Finally, iPad or Tablet?

If you are anything like me, trying to determine whether a PC tablet or the Apple iPad is a better choice seems like mission impossible. Featuring entirely different operating systems, price points and accessories, comparing the two different categories is a bit like looking at apples and oranges: both are sweet and beautiful fruits, but which one ultimately tastes better? Why not take a look at my thoughts on several different criteria, and make your own decision about which device would be a better fit for your personal use.


While Apple is known for their great design, many of the latest PC tablet offerings also feature sleek and even sexy modern looks. The iPad has an impressive 9.7-inch touchscreen and weighs a mere 1.5 lbs, while PC tablets have very different looks. The HP Slate features a similar sized 10-inch screen, whereas the Dell Mini 5 has a 5-inch LCD. Ultimately, it is hard to beat the Apple iPad when it comes to sleek hardware and gorgeous design. Accessories from Apple are more seamless than many PC tablet accessories, and the device feels great in the hand.

Internet Browsing

Internet browsing is a big priority for many would-be tablet buyers. On the iPad, users were once limited to the mobile Safari browser. Now, the choice is up to tablet users, who can download various browsers from the App Store. Most PC tablets are the same way offering a choice of browsers. Some, such as the Lenovo U1 and the Archos 7 Android, however, give you one browser you must use. One serious downside of the iPad is that Adobe Flash is not supported, though several PC tablets allow Flash content to be displayed.


The main battle in the app war is between the Apple App Store and the Android Market. The App Store has close to 500,000 applications, all of which have been carefully vetted by Apple staff members. On the other hand, the Android Market offers approximately 460,000 different applications. The Android Market was affected by a major virus earlier this year, which led some consumers to lose confidence in the database. While both marketplaces are effective at providing content, Apple may have a leg up on the competition with its gorgeous App Store.

Wireless Connectivity

For users who are frequently on the go and need a wireless internet connection, the iPad is the clear winner. Most other tablets offer no 3G connectivity capabilities, meaning they can only be used over Wi-Fi. The iPad, on the other hand, offers both Wi-Fi and 3G service. Note: 3G service is a paid extra available through cell phone carriers.


The memory on competing devices varies greatly across the board. The Apple iPad comes in configurations of 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB. The Archos 9 offers the largest tablet memory, with a whopping 60 GB, whereas the JooJoo comes in at merely 4 GB. Also, some tablets, such as the Archos 7 Andoid and the Dell Mini 5 offer expandable memory slots, whereas the iPad does not.

Ultimately, the battle for best device comes down to a matter of personal preference. The Apple iPad is perhaps the sleekest and most sought after option, but this device is also more closed to outside peripherals and development than a PC tablet which offers more features and accessories even though it doesn’t measure up to the same design standards.

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