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Ubuntu Linux 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot Computer Operating System is now Released

Ubuntu Linux 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot was released on Thursday October 13, 2011. Ubuntu 11.10 still uses the same Unity user interface with the sidebar on the right side of the screen from Ubuntu 11.04 which is unmovable to a different location, and still have the application and file search menu on the top left for searching for installed programs to use. You also can’t minimize the programs by clicking on items in the sidebar dock, you’ll have to use the minimize button on the program or use a keyboard shortcut key to minimize it.

Ubuntu 11.04

Small things like the scroll bar on the outer right of Windows, and program instead of being on the inner parts is a change in Window/program design for Ubuntu.

Ubuntu also features a menu bar on the top toolbar now with more options.

The Application search menu on the top left of Ubuntu is good for newbies who like searching for applications to use, and recent files. But, probably not as useful for more advance users which want to quickly open menus, and applications from a drop down menu and sub menus instead of searching from it with the search bar. With Ubuntu 11.10, you can use the classic gnome desktop user interface, or install KDE, LXDE, or Xfce desktop environment to change the theme and user interface to something different if you prefer a more minimal user interface in Ubuntu. I’m not really fan of the fan of the Purplish 3D background, but it is easy to change with the Background Appearance program in Ubuntu.

The Workspaces, and ALT-TAB animations are also nicer then in the past.

In the Ubuntu Software Center, you can search for many applications, desktop environments, and codecs for Ubuntu. It is easy to use with the built-in search engine to search for applications, or use the categories to browse different categories of software to search for programs which you want to insall like VLC media player.

The Ubuntu Software Center also has a commenting system for you to rate and read comments to share with other users which is pretty useful for someone who is not sure if a software is any good, or not, and would like to read comments to have a general idea on how good or bad the app is. It also allows people to defend a app if they feel the app deserve a better rating, they can rank the app higher, and leave a comment on the App page in the Ubuntu Software Center to share with other users that an app is good or bad.

Installing Software in Ubuntu is simple since you just need to find it in the Ubuntu Software Center which is like an App store, but most apps are free with a few paid ones, and click install. You also need to enter your root password which you made when you installed Ubuntu before you can install a program.

Ubuntu also comes with a lot of useful free software like Gwibber, Libreoffice, Thunderbird, and other software for doing daily tasks like office work, e-mail, etc on your pc.

If you are a more advance user, you can use the synaptic package manager, or Terminal command prompt to install programs in Ubuntu Linux.

The login screen for Ubuntu 11.04 is also easier and nicer to use because it is more modern looking.

Ubuntu is a simple linux operating system to use for beginners, but has most of the features more advance users will want. I highly recommend you give Ubuntu 11.10 a try since it is one of the most easy Linux distro operating systems you can install since the installer is visual based, so it is easy for you to follow the step by step instructions on the disc to install Ubuntu. You can also  use the Windows Ubuntu Installer also called Wubi.exe to install Ubuntu on to your Windows drive.


Check out Ubuntu 11.10 at www.ubuntu.com

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