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Adding a Header Image, and Favicon Browser Icon for Thesis 1.8.2 Diythemes Premium WordPress Theme

I teach Thesis 1.8 users how to upload a custom Header image and Favicon for their WordPress Blog with Thesis as their theme in this tutorial.

If you ever uploaded an e-mail attachment, or uploaded a file to the internet with WordPress, or YouTube, you’ll know how to upload a custom header image and favicon to Diythemes’ Thesis Premium WordPress Template.

Thesis 1.8 does not any plug-ins for WordPress to install a custom header and Favicon logo image to your blog. It takes only a few seconds to change the top header image, and favicon to your blog with Thesis. Thesis 1.8 also automatically removes your site name and tag line on your Blog, and replaces your site name and tagline with your header image you uploaded, and Thesis makes your header image a image link, so when people click on your header image, they will go to your blogs homepage.

All you have to do is go to the Thesis Section found in your WordPress Dashboard sidebar on the left, and click on it. Next, you want to click on the Link Called Header Image which is beneath the Design Options Link.

Thesis section WordPress Dashboard

You can use PhotoShop, Gimp, MS Paint, Paint.net, or online image editors to make your image for your header. I recommend saving your header image as a .JPG file to upload to Thesis Header Image Wizard. A header image is the logo image which is the top image found in the header image for your blog.

Thesis will tell you the Optimal Width for your header image. If your header image is not as big or small as the optimal width, Thesis will resize your Header image to the optimal width for you.

Click the Upload button when done.


A favicon is the image you find for your bookmarks and on the right side of your address bar and tabs for websites like this one you are reading.


Thesis Favicon Uploader

You can use Gimp, Phoptoshop, or online image editors to make Icon or PNG files.

Thesis 1.8.2 has a Favicon uploader, all you need to do is click the Favicon link found in the Thesis section of the WordPress Dashboard Thesis section, and click on the “Favicon Uploader” Click on the browse button, and look for a square dimensional like 32×32 pixel .ICO Icon file, or .PNG image file to upload.

Click the upload image when done.

Check out Thesis Premium WordPress Theme today! to make customizing the appearance, search engine optimization, and readability of your blog quickly.


Disclaimer: I make a commission from sales of Thesis which are generated when buyers click on any of the Thesis links and Banners for Thesis, and buy Thesis at Diythemes.com .

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