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Recommended Tutorial Videos about Thesis Premium WordPress Theme

Thanks to YouTube, Blip.TV, and other video sharing sites which make it possible for Thesis users to share tips and tricks on how to install, use and customize Thesis, there are tons of videos to get you started on how to upload  the Thesis Diythemes’ theme to your  web host’s WordPress themes folder with an FTP client, install Thesis WordPress Theme on your WordPress blog, customize Thesis colors, fonts, sidebar, content, and header, and set Search Engine Optimization options in Thesis for more search traffic from people who found your blog from doing a search Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, and other search engines.

Watching Videos about Diythemes’ Thesis themes is the best way to learn about how to use Thesis because video is easy to follow compared to reading tutorials where the writer use complicated words. Plus, using Thesis is a visual experience since you do not need to know any or just a little php, html, and javascript coding to make changes to your theme’s appearance.

I compiled a list of videos which every Thesis user, or a person who is considering buying Thesis for their WordPress blog should watch to learn more about Thesis, and why it is one of the top Premium WordPress themes used by so many WordPress users.

If you do not own Thesis from Diythemes made by Chris Pearson, you should watch a video which Chris Pearson made on how easy it is to customize Thesis with your own design. He mostly uses the Design Options Wizard in Thesis menu which is easy to use. You can buy Thesis from this link : Buy Thesis Diytheme theme’.

After you decide that you want to buy Thesis, you would need to learn how to install it with a FTP client, and logging into the backend of WordPress which you can find at example.com/wp-admin , or example.com/blog/wp-admin if you installed WordPress on a seperate folder, and not on the root of your domain. I recommend deactivating all your plug-in before you install Thesis to avoid conflicts during the activation of Thesis, and when you are using Thesis.

Adam from ArtofBlog.com teaches you how to download from Diythemes, unzip Thesis zip folder, upload Thesis to your FTP server with FileZilla FTP Client to Wp-content/themes/, activate Thesis in WordPress, rename the custom-sample to custom, and change the CHMOD permission with Filezilla, for layout.css found in the custom folder to 666, and cache folder found in the custom folder to 775. Adam also show you how to optimize your blog for search engines for the homepage, and individual posts.

One of the best features of Thesis is Hooks which let you preserve your Thesis customizations even when you upgrade Thesis to a CSS file. There is a plug-in called Thesis OpenHook which make it a lot easier to post your custom HTML code, php code, or text for your widgets, ads, links, etc to virtually any location on Thesis’s theme without editing the css files in Thesis via notepad.

Greg Rickaby teaches you how to install Thesis Open Hooks plug-in on WordPress, and how to use Thesis Open Hooks a long with the Thesis Hooks Diagram to insert html code, and execute php code on any hook location on Thesis WordPress theme.

Learn how to update your version of Thesis to the latest version by uploading your new Thesis version to wp-content/themes, and uploading your old custom folder from your previous version. Setting your cache folder to 775, and layout.css file to 666 then activating your latest version of Thesis. YTbloggingmix shows us how to do it in his video.

Maybe someday, I make a tutorial video on WordPress Thesis if there are no other tutorial videos related to my Thesis topic, or are not very well done.


I write more posts about Thesis once I learn even more about Thesis by watching video tutorials on YouTube, reading other blog tutorials about Thesis, and visiting Thesis’ blog and support forum.

Disclaimer:  I make a commission from sales of Thesis which are generated when buyers click on any of the Thesis links and Banners for Thesis, and buy Thesis at Diythemes.com .

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  • Christina Lawson September 13, 2011, 9:20 am

    thanks for the tutorial video.I can apply this in my work every day.

  • Johnson Yip September 13, 2011, 9:25 pm

    Good luck with your work projects with Thesis WordPress theme, Christina. I love how the Thesis community is so willing to help other Thesis users for free by making tutorial videos online which is not always the case for some other software or website theme communities with a large user base.

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