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Speed vs. Price – Which Should You Consider before Using an Internet Connection(Guest Post)

If you’re someone who performs the majority of his/her activities on the internet then it is important not to just choose a particular internet connection service because it is cheap but to focus on choosing what is reliable and cost effective. The problem however is that some people need better access to the internet without having to borrow or go into debt and are considering making use of cheap internet connection services. The question now is, is cheap internet connection good? Does it denote the quality of an internet connection? Below are a few tips to help you ensure you are on the right path when trying to choose a cheap internet connection service.

The ‘Hidden’ Price

People can be very tactful and some people will happily give you what is worth $10 for $1 today if it means they will be able to collect $50 more from you in the near future. It is very important however that you are aware of situations like this and that you beware of it.

When trying to go for an internet service provider that offers cheap internet services you need to spend more time researching the quality of the ISP. Do they offer you their services for free so that they will be able to charge you more in the near future or are they just doing it because they believe it should be like that?

There are many ways to find out if your ISP is really serious with their offer and some great ways can be either by using the internet to research their track records or by getting in touch with ‘trusted’ users of their services.

Can they be Trusted?

The next thing you need to ask yourself when trying to go for a cheap internet connection is if the ISP can be trusted. In cases like this it is very important that you try to look into their past and their track records to see what they are known for. If a particular ISP is known for its honesty and integrity then you shouldn’t have problems going with them but if an ISP is notorious for promising people cheap things only to increase the price in the future then you need to beware of them.

The track record of any service provider speaks more than any advertisement or any other source – if an internet service provider has a bad track record make sure you run away from them, no matter how cheap their services are.

Their terms and Services

This is probably the most important aspect of this article.

When you go with a particular ISP and they misbehave it is easy for you to stop using them or to take legal action against them in case they are cheating you but there is nothing you can do if you already signed an agreement with them authorizing them to do what they did. Make sure you spend time reading every details of the agreement carefully if you plan to go with a cheap internet service provider – sometimes, cheap isn’t always the best option.

I’m Paul, and I specialize in helping people choose the best internet providers in my area.

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  • We have exactly the same problems in the UK – The newest trick is ISP’s selling fibre which only goes as far as the cabinet on the street! They call it enhanced ADSL!!

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