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Anti-Static Tools for preventing static electricity computer damage video

Watch my video on preventing static electricity from damaging your static sensitive computer parts by using anti-static computer tools like an anti-static wrist strap and mat, anti-static gloves, and an anti-static mat to prevent static electricity from zapping your computer parts. Static electricity can break your computer parts like RAM, CPU, hard drives, and other parts.

You need an Anti-Static Wrist Band to ground yourself, and to prevent static electricity while working on your computer. Make sure to connect your anti-static wrist band with its clip to a metal part like your computer case.

An Anti-Static Grounding Pad is good for placing computer parts on instead of putting your parts on a table where there might be static on it. Also, make sure to connect the anti-static mat to a metal part like a computer case to ground yourself from static electricity.

Anti Static Gloves are great to wear to prevent static from your hands from zapping your computer parts. They also keep your hands clean when working inside your computer, and prevent oil and dirt from your hands from making your computer parts dirty.

While carrying around your computer parts, you should carry them in Anti-Static Bags to prevent static from zapping your computer parts while you are carrying them.

There is also Anti-static Spray which you can use to spray your carpet, and floor to prevent static electricity while you walk on the floor.

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