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Computer Laptop repair tool kit video

Here is a video of my computer repair toolkit like Belkin 36-Piece Demagnatized Computer Tool Kit with Black Case which includes various kinds of screw drivers like flat head, torx, cross head, hexagon heads. It also contains an anti-static wrist strap and anti-static gloves to prevent static discharge from damaging my computer parts, power supply tester, twist ties, soldering iron, solder, magnify glass, and a flash light. I also have a zippered binder to carry around my tools for easy carrying.

You may have to buy some tools individually since not all computer repair tool kits come with all the tools needed to fix all computers.

Computer and laptop repair tools can be bought for very cheap at 30 to 40 dollars online or at some offline stores. But, they save you so much money in the long run since you can repair your computer yourself with your own tools.

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