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Fix Automatic Services in Services.msc not starting when Windows 7 starts UP!

Services.msc automatic services not starting during start up!

Windows 7 Automatic Services have not been starting automatically during start up since I downloaded a lot of big files to my computer which made my hard drive very fragmented.

Once my hard drive which Windows 7 is installed on becomes very fragmented,  I notice sometimes my antivirus, internet, firewall, internet’s DHCP and other services don’t start up at all during start up.  I need to start the services manually by going to services.msc. 

Normally, a simple Windows restart will fix this problem, but not this time. I restarted my computer, but many services in services.msc still won’t start automatically even though they are set to run automatically in Services.msc.

I decided to run a disk cleanup, scan disk, disk defrag since my computer was feeling kind of slow anyways to see if it will fix my problem.

I also decided to disable some start up programs with MSconfig in the start up tab. I also uncheck some services which I don’t use like “Remote Registry” in the services tab in msconfig.  I decided to also disable some schedule tasks in Task Scheduler which I don’t need. Disabling start-up programs, services, and schedule tasks should speed up the Windows 7 disk process. 

When I finish doing a disk cleanup and disk defrag for my Windows system C:\ drive , I restarted my computer, and now my computer starts most of my services, and start up programs load up faster vs. not loading at all. Sometimes, I still need to go into services.msc to start them manually, but not as much these days.

 Windows 7 services seem to don’t want to  load when it takes too long to start up a computer or my computer drive Windows is installed becomes too slow from not being cleaned up or defrag in a few weeks. Plus, only having 1GB of RAM must not be helping too much at speeding up Windows 7.

Problems like disk fragmentation, and important windows services like firewall, DHCP, etc not starting up is making me want to switch back to Windows XP, or just use a free  NON-Windows open source operating system like Ubuntu Linux since I don’t have to deal with all these problems like my hard drive getting fragmented, services and startup programs which fail to load during start up, weekly virus scans, windows update causing problems like disabling my card reader after I updated my card reader drivers,  not enough memory errors, and slow system performance when playing Farmville on Facebook!

I’m starting to feel the 30 dollars for Windows 7 Student discount was not that great of a deal, and I should of just installed Ubuntu Linux, or another OS like Windows XP on my PC.

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  • Managed Hosting Services December 8, 2010, 2:24 pm

    Do you think it has something to do with the speed of your processor? I’ve installed a lot on my computer with 7, and it seems to be working just fine. Although, I’ve heard a lot lately that Linux is a good option- especially if you do a lot in social media.

  • Johnson Yip December 8, 2010, 4:13 pm

    Possibly, but I think Microsoft fix this bug in a update, and I switch to a lighter weight antivirus, and defrag more regularly now,and I never experience this error anymore. But, I use a Intel Core2Dou 1.86 GHz CPU which is fast enough for Windows 7, so I think it is probably not the CPU.

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