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In this video, I will teach you how to use ImgBurn free CD burning software for Microsoft Windows Operating System. ImgBurn has a “Write  Image to disc” option. All you have to do is click the  “Write  Image to disc” button on the front of  ImgBurn, and use ImgBurn to open your ISO CD Image file like the Ubuntu LTS ISO and click Burn. You can also tell ImgBurn to verify your disc and burn at a slower speed depending on your needs.

You download ImgBurn at imgBurn.com andf Ubuntu 10.04 at ubuntu.com

If you are having problems burning your ISO image. Make sure your CD-R has a 700MB capacity or greater. Try a differrent brand of CD-R disc. Do a hash or CRC to check to see if your ISO downloaded correctly. Also, try burning your ISO at a slower speed and verifying your ISO.

Don’t use any software like web browsers or other memory and CPU resource intensive programs.

If you are having problems booting from your newly burned CD make sure to check your BUOS, CMOS or bootloader to make sure your PC is set up to start from a CD DVD optical drive first instead of hard drive, floppy, or USB.

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