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Get Rid of Junk Files with BleachBit for Ubuntu 9.10 and below video

BleachBit will delete unwanted junk files for Ubuntu 9.10 and below, so you can get back your free space with a click of a mouse. Who doesn’t want an extra few hundred MB to a few GB of free space on their computer to use to store their music, videos, and photos. BleachBit is a safe and easy disk cleanup program for Ubuntu 9.10 and below.

1.To install BleachBit disk cleanup tool, go to Applications then Ubuntu Software Center at the top right of your Ubuntu Desktop.

2. Type BleachBit in the Ubuntu Software Center program.

3. Click the arrow, and follow the wizard for installing BleachBit.

BleachBit is located under Applications> System Tools sub folder. There are too BleachBit shortcuts. The BleachBit Root shortcut delete junk files related to the root folder and users. The regular BleachBit Shortcut just delete the junk files for applications like Firefox, Wine, etc.

Root Preview for BleachBit found  386.1 MB of Junk/Temporary files.
Regular Preview for BleachBit found  438.6 MB  Junk/Temporary files.

By running BleachBit, it also deletes your internet tracking cookies, history and other files which can be used to identify what websites you been to or files you open recently on Ubuntu 9.10.

This is a lot of space if you are using an older Netbook, or computer with a small hard drive for Ubuntu 9.10

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