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Windows 7 Malaysia – Kyan May Miss Malaysia 2009 Finalist, Model, and Journalism Student Video

The lovely Kyan May explains how she uses Windows 7 for pursuing her Bachelors of Arts degree in Journalism from Taylor’s University College, blogging, and keeping in touch with friends . She also demonstrate how she uses Windows Live Writer and connect to the Internet with her cell phone’s modem to blog on her blog at kyanmay.com . 

This is one of the best Windows 7 videos I ever saw since she talks very naturally, and about how Windows 7 helps her get her school work done, and keep in touch with people instead of just focusing on the cool awesome stuff for Windows 7.

Kyan uses her computer to read ebooks, research papers, foreign news and write reports for her Journalism school work.

Microsoft Word 2007

Kyan who also used XP explains how the interface for Windows 7 is very polish with the cool transparency effects. 

Windows 7 desktop interface

She says she uses a cool pink Pikachu-like clock gadgets which is movable and customizable to remind her of the time.

Pikachu like Clock Gadget for Windows 7

Kyan explains that her older  computer with a Pentium 4 , 1 GB of RAM, and a very basic graphic cards which ran on XP before the upgrade to 7 got up and running Windows 7 in about half an hour.

Not Kyan's Computer, but looks pretty cool for a PC (wish it was mine)

Kyan’s favourite Windows Live Programs are Windows Live Messenger for keeping in touch with friends.

Windows Live Messenger (MSN)

She uses Windows Photo Gallery for helping her upload tons of pictures to her blog.

Windows Live Photo Gallery

Kyan writes with Windows Live Writer which Kyan uses to preview her blog articles before publishing, and then uploads them with writer. 

Windows Live Writer

Kyan cheerfully says all the Windows Live Essentials software she downloaded is free at http://download.live.com/

Lastly, she recommends using Windows 7 Readyboost by plugging in a USB flash drive or empty SD card to improve Windows 7 performance on your PC.


Visit Kyan’s blog post she made while doing the Windows 7 shoot http://www.kyanmay.com/2009/10/windows-7-shooting_07.html for http://www.win7.com.my/

Kyan May seems like a pretty cool girl to meet and hang out, and a lot of guys probably find her pretty, and interesting since she likes gadgets, food, going to events, traveling, and is pursuing a journalism degree.

If you feel you are a single, successful, honest, and living in Malaysia male, you could win a lunch date with her by submitting your application for a contest at http://www.lunchactually.com/dreamdatemy/ . I wish I can be part of the contest, but I live in Canada.

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