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Windows 7 with appearances from Plain Classy Themes – Classic Back

Classic theme

Windows Themes are a lot like songs. We keep using the classics and don’t want to use new age themes since they look too weird or unappealing like how I enjoy listening to classic anime themes from Spirited Away instead of Justin Timberlake – Sexy Back. lol

Would you rather be using the plain gray classic theme from Windows 2000 and below instead of the Sleek and glass like theme of Aero for Windows 7? There are a few good reasons to stick with the classic theme. It uses less system resources as the Aero or XP like theme for Windows 7. It also uses less screen space/real estate compared to Windows Aero themes. It can be easier on the eyes if you are not used to glassy/glossy themes. The animations for Aero can also be kind of annoying if you are not used to animated Operating Systems.

1. Type in “Adjust the Appearance” into the start menu’s text box and press enter.

Adjust the appearance

2. From the Visual Effects Tab, select the “adjust for best performance” option, and click ok.

adjust for best performance

The Finish Result will look like this.

Classic theme

You can also right click your desktop and choose personalize from your right click context menu and click on the classic themes option from the desktop personalize buttons.

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