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Disabling UAC (User Activated Controls) those pop-ups in Windows 7

Never Notify

UAC pop-ups can be kind of annoying when you are doing maintenance on your computer like disk clean up,updating software, doing a virus scan, and changing settings, so if  you hate those pop-ups you can disable them very easily with MSconfig.

You need to be logged into an administrator account.

1. Go to your start menu and type msconfig and press enter.


2. Click on the “tools” tab, and click on “Change UAC Settings”, and press the launch button at the bottum of MSconfig.

MS config tools tab

3. Slide the slider to the bottum to “never notify” and click ok.

Never Notify

4. Restart your PC.

Congratulations, you have disable UAC in Windows 7. If you want to enable UAC again, just slide the slider to the top.

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