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Speed up your Internet Speed by using 3rd party DNS servers like Google Public DNS, OpenDNS, Comodo DNS

DNS settings for Trendnet routor

DNS settings for Trendnet routor

I notice a slight internet speed increase and fewer page not found errors when I use Google Public DNS and Open DNS instead of my ISP DNS server. I recommend changing the DNS adress for your routor, so all computers on your network use the same DNS address. If you use a laptop, then you should also change your laptop DNS address to Google’s Public DNS, Open DNS, or someother DNS service.

Google, Open DNS, and Comodo also claim that their DNS servers will protect your computer from online threats by blocking attacks.

I’m currently using Google DNS. I am very satisfied with my experience so far.

List of DNS sites.

Google Public DNS IP Address are

IP addresses and all you have to do is paste the IP address in your DNS settings textbox.


Google DNS is fast, safe, and reliable.

Open DNS IP addresses are

Open DNS lets you make an account, so you can block adult sites, gambling, violent, and harmful sites to all PC on your network. It also gives you a lot of statistics on your browsing activities. 


Comodo Secure DNS  IP addresses are


Comodo is a good DNS as well.

To change your DNS address, refer to your Routors instructional manual, or your Operating Systems instructional manual or help files in Network connections. Most of the DNS sites I listed also have very good instructional manuals for changing your DNS settings to their DNS address.

If you borrow or buy, a book on networking for your OS. You also find info on how to change your DNS settings.

Your DNS settings window should look something like this if you are using a Windows Operating System like XP, Vista, and 7.

DNS settings in Windows 7 network connection network card

DNS settings in Windows 7 network connection network card

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  • John January 26, 2010, 7:20 pm

    Does anyone know if your ISP can block your internet if you use such DNS’s? Because recently I have been getting AT&T blocks with DNS resolve issue statements …I haven’t seen this since I began using Google’s DNS this past week. Comodo’s I never had this problem.


  • Johnson Yip January 27, 2010, 6:54 pm

    Hi John,

    your ISP can’t block you from the internet by using a different DNS server since many people use Google DNS and other alternatives and the are not blocked from the internet. Plus, you are not harming your ISP or others by using a 3rd party DNS. In fact, you are making the DNS servers for your ISP not as conjusted since you are not using it.

    I switch to Google DNS. I get fewer “page not found” errors, and my page load times seem a little faster.

  • Icechen1 August 21, 2010, 10:07 pm

    GoogleDNS is the best of the pack, use it on all my computers 🙂

  • Johnson Yip August 21, 2010, 10:09 pm

    I agree Google DNS has been a very reliable DNS server to use for my internet connection. It seems a lot better then my ISPs connection.

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