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How to pause your computer before it can boot to your Operating System or drives.



A lot of the time, I find going into the BIOS very frustrating because I can’t remember which key I press to go into the BIOS during my computer start up event. There are instructions on the PC start up screen, but the start up process is so fast that I can’t read everything, or I can’t find the key to get into the BIOS fast enough to go into the BIOS/CMOS.

I found a way to pause the computer from loading my PC OS or drives by pressing the Pause/Break key immediately after I turn on my computer on the keyboard. The pause key is located on the upper right corner on most keyboards, and are next to the num lock light.

Now I can easily press the Pause key and  go into my BIOS with no worries of not havi9ng enough time to press the BIOS entry key.

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