Troubleshooting Windows Update s installations in Vista with Windows Event Viewer.

Learn how to use Windows Event viewer in Windows Vista's Control Panel's Adminstrative program to troubleshot locked registry permissions, and other kinds of errors preventing you from updating, installing software on Windows Vista like Visual Studio, from installing updates for Windows, MS Office 2007, Visual Studios, etc in Windows Update.

Sample Error. Notice there is not much info on how to fix it. You need to go into Windows Event Viewer to see what is preventing you from installing the update.
Step_01 Apr. 29 20.55
Step 1. Go to the Start Menu>> run >> type eventvwr.msc in the Open textbox press OK
Step_04 Apr. 29 21.00
Step 2. Expand Custom Views, and go to Administrative Events. Find the Error, and unlock the registry key in Reg edit or follow the instructionsin the event viewer to fix the error. If you do not know how to unlock a registry key you can read my tuturial on unlocking Registry keys in Vista by reading my tutorial.
Step_03 Apr. 29 20.56
Step 5. Press the Try Again button in Windows Vista. If you still get errors then Press the refresh button button on Event Viewer andrepeat steps 2-4 till you are error free and can install your updates.
Step_01 Apr. 29 20.55

Also, make sure System Restore is turned on since sometimes updates might not install till System Restore is running.