Top 10 Freewares for Windows 7

There are a number of freeware that is available for Windows 7 and the best of them are as follows.

Microsoft Security Essentials Anti-virus Solutions

    This anti virus software was primarily designed for Windows Vista but is has also proved its worth for Windows 7. This protects the whole system from the worms, viruses and other malware. It is also easy to use and install. There are no interruptions in between your work while the software quietly detects and destroys the malicious files that affect the system.

Fresh Download 8.1.6

    It is a download manager that is very fast in downloading any files like music, videos and images from the internet. The best feature of the manager is that it resumes the broken and unfinished downloads. The integration is easy for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Netscape Communicator etc.

Ultimate Reading Machine 6.2

    It is a freeware that offers a utility of text to speech so that you can read while seated at your desk. The spoken text can also be created as mp3 or wav files and be used with any mp3 or CD player.

AVG Free

    This is one of the top downloaded free anti virus and it has gained the popularity from its special features. There are a number of versions from which you can choose the right one according to your choice. It is extremely useful in protecting you files from all types of malware.

Norman Malware Cleaner

    It is a specific freeware that is useful in clearing or removing the malicious software from your computer. The unique quality of this freeware is that you can do the removing by specifying the particular software.

Rocket Dock 1.3.5

    It is an application launcher that is smoothly animated and offers a clear interface for the provision of shortcuts so that there is an easy access to the applications. It runs in proper conditions even in the slowest computers.

VLC Media Player 0.9.6

    It is a multimedia player that can play files of type mp1, mp2, mp 3, mp 4, DivX, ogg etc. Streaming in multicast or unicast can also be done as it can be used as a server as well.

Orbit Downloader 2.8.1

    It is a tool that enables faster and easier download and it supports all popular browsers being micro sized and user friendly. Apart from downloading videos, flash games can also be effectively downloaded.

Quintessential Player 4.5.1

    There are a number of extra features in this media player which includes the extended form of skinning engine and ripping of CDs. The track editor available also keeps the music files safe from the harmful viruses.

Comodo Firewall

    This award winning firewall is not only good foe Windows 7 but for XP and Vista too. The installation is easy and keeps your computer safe from all the malware that can cause damage to the files and folders that are saved in it.

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