Seting up FileZilla FTP Client tutorial

FileZilla is a free opensource FTP program which allows users to easily upload files to their FTP server or web server for hosting their website on the internet. Learn how to connect to your website's FTP server with Filezila by making an Site Manager Account in FileZilla by reading this tutorial.
Step 1. go to File> Site Manager...
Step 2. Press the "New Site"Button on the Site Manager pop up window, and name your site.
Step 3. Fill your host: , logontype: ,user:, password in the corresponding texboxes then press OK.
Step 4. Press the arrow button and pick the name of your site, and you should be connected to your FTP Server.
Step 5. If you did every step right, FileZilla should look like this. Using Filezilla is pretty simple. If you want to add a file to your webser just drag and drop the file with your mouse to the Remote site window. If you want to delete, rename, or change a file just right click the file. Filezila is like Windows Explorer.