List of useful run commands for Windows

Here is a long list of run commands for Windows which launces useful programs like computer management, Word, Exel, calculator, etc.

To access run, go to start button, and press run button. You can also press windows key (the key with the Windows flag logo with 4 squares) and R on your Keyboard.

Some commands may not work for Windows Vista, but most likely work for XP.

regedit - Registry editor

cmd - Ms-Dos Command line Prompt.

taskmgr - Task Manager

wab - outlook Express contact

mSconfig - Start and stop programs from starting in windows.

recent - show recent document open.

cmd /k ipconfig - Gives info on your ip configuration.

fsmgmt.msc - View shared folders on your computer.

osk - On screen keyboard

dvdplay - open windows media player

chkdsk - Repairs damaged files by running check disk.

cleanmgr - Runs Clean up manager to delete unwanted files.

inetcpl.cpl - Opens Internet Properties.

appwiz.cpl - add and remove programs wizard.

control desktop - Opens desktop properties.

sysdm.cpl - Open System Properties.

dxdiag - DirectX Trouble Shooting utility

services.msc - Display list of services installed on your computer

diskmgmt.msc - Disk Management Utility

compmgmt.msc - Computer Management Utility

timedate.cpl -Shows Date and Time

control userpasswords - Shows your user account configuration window

control - Control panel

taskmgr - Open task manager

control admintools - Show administrative tools for computer.

control folders - Folder Properties

devmgmt.msc - Device manager

mmsys.cpl - Sound configurations

desktop - open desktop folder

C: - Open C:\ drive

msinfo32 - Windows System Information

temp - Opens up C:\Windows\temp .

eudcedit - Chracter editor for making font.

scrnsave.scr - Screen Saver

winver - Shows you what version of windows you are using.

fonts - Opens font folder

intl.cpl - Regional setings

%systemroot% - Opens Windows folder.

eventvwr.msc - Event Viewer

firefox - Launches firefox if installed.

notepad - notepad

calc - calculator

perfmon.msc - Performance monitor

powercfg.cpl - Power management

wscui.cpl - Security centre

shutdown - shut down computer

logoff - log off your account

telnet - telnet

firewall.cpl - Windows Firewall

explorer - Windows Explorer

syskey - Windows System Security Tool

write - Word pad

chrome - Launches Google Chrome if installed.

iexplore - Launches Internet Explorer

sigverif - File Signature Verification Tool

charmap - Character Map

photoshop - Launces Adobe photoshop if installed.

hdwwiz.cpl - Add Hardware wizard

ccleaner - Launches CCleaner if installed.

comp - Compare files

mrt - Malicious Software Removal Tool

access.cpl - MS Access Database program if installed

excel - MS Excel if installed

diskpart - Disk partioner

frontpg - MS frontpage if installed

moviemk - Microsoft Movie Maker

mmc - Microsoft Management Console

narrator - MS Narrator

mspaint - MS Paint

powerpnt - MS Power Point if installed

winword - MS word if installed

mobsync - MS Sync tool

control mouse - Mouse properties

edit - MS-Dos command line editor
ftp - MS-Dos Command line editor

nero - launches nero cd/dvd burning program if installed.

quicktime.cpl - launches Quicktime if installed.

realplay - Launches Real Player if installed

mstsc - remote desktop

sndrec32 - sound recorder

sfc /scannow - System File Checker Utility ( Scan Immediately )

sfc /scanonce - System File Checker Utility ( Scan Once At Next Boot )

sfc /scanboot - System File Checker Utility ( Scan On Every Boot )

sfc /revert - System File Checker Utility ( Return to Default Settings)

sfc /purgecache - System File Checker Utility ( Purge File Cache )

sfc /cachesize=x - System File Checker Utility ( Set Cache Size to Size x )

tcptest - tcp test

tweakui - Tweakui if installed

label - Volume Serial Number for C:

sndvol32 - Volume control

ntbackup - Windows Backup utility

magnify - Windows magnifier

igfxzoom - Zoom utility