How to use the word censoring function in phpbb3

The word censoring function in PHPBB3 forum is good for filtering out words that you don't want displayed on your board like curse words, adult oriented words, and names of drugs. It also prevents spammers from using names like cheap-drugs to join your forum if you have the word censor in phpBB3 enabled. This tutorial will teach you how to censor words you dislike from displaying in your phpBB3 forum.

Step 1. Log in to your admin panel.

Step 2. Click on the Posting tab then click on the "Word censoring" link on the left. Lastly, click on "add new word"
Step_01 Apr. 25 19.58
Step 3. Type in the word you want to block from your forum in the word textbox then type the replacement word in the replacement textbox. Lastly, click submitat the bottum of the form.
Step_02 Apr. 25 19.58