How to backup your entire registry with regedit for Windows.

Learn how to backup your windows registry in Windows Vista Regedit. The benefits of Backing up your entire registry is you can restore it latter on if you or a program accidently delete, currupt, or break your Windows Registry. You can also backup individual registry keys to share with fellow Windows users for performing backup, fixes, tweaks and customization by just double clicking your reg file with your mouse, and your registry key is restored. Backing up your Windows Registry is safe, but editing your registry is not safe, so this is a good reason to backup your registry on a regular basis.

Step 1. Go to run, type in regedit, click OK button.

Type Regedit in run window, press ok.

Step 2. Go to File then Export...

File then click Export...

Step 3. Give file a name and click save.

Give File a name and press save.

To back up an individual key just click on the key you want to back up, and right click and select export.

right click on individual key, and export...