Croping Picture files in MS Paint.

Learn how to crop an image in Microsoft Paint which is available for most versions of Windows to do simple image edits, or creations. Crop means to remove the parts of the image you do not want, and only leave the inner part of the square which you want. The advantages of croping an image is you get a smaller image, but the quality and size of the part of the image which you want to save remains the same. Plus, croping is easier then resizing since you do not have to worry about aspect ratios, or your image being stretched or skewed.

Step 1.
Use the Select tools. You can use the free form select tool on the top left or the regular select on the top right.
Step 2.
Select the Area you want to select with the Select Tool.
Select Area.
Step 4.
Select Crop by right clicking the doted line.
Select Crop from Submenu.
Step 5.
The image now is smaller.
Image is now smaller.