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Fixing Windows XP Windows Update from not showing updates in Internet Explorer

Recently, I tried to install Windows Updates  on Windows XP with Internet Explorer by clicking on the Windows Update button on the Startmenu. But, when using Internet Explorer to check for updates with both the Express, ans Custom button, Internet Explorer Froze, and Windows Update won’t stop checking. There also was no error message saying that Windows Update is not working. I just saw a green bar, and a message informing me that my computer was checking for updates. I waited hours, and there was still the green loading bar, and message.

Fixing the problem was very simple in my experience, I just need to reinstall Internet Explorer 8 from the installer file I downloaded from Microsoft.Making Windows Update work again in Internet Explorer is pretty simple for me. I only need to download Internet Explorer from windows.microsoft.com/en-CA/internet-explorer/download-ie to reinstall Internet Explorer 8, and Windows Update in Internet Explorer works again.

Reinstalling Internet Explorer 8 in Windows XP is pretty simple. I just need to open the installer file, and wait for Internet Explorer to install, and restart my computer to finish the installation. It takes only a few minutes to install IE on my computer.

After reinstalling Internet Explorer 8, Windows Update works again in Windows XP when I want to use Windows Update to install updated with Internet Explorer. Also, Windows Update no longer slows down my computer where it uses a lot of CPU power when Automatic Update is turned on in Windows XP.

Windows XP also seem to be using less RAM after I installed some Windows Updates, so my Windows XP computer is faster than before.

After April 2014, Windows Update would stop providing support to Windows XP, so I recommend downloading all updates to stay secure, and use a decent free antivirus like Avast, AVG, or Bitdefender if you can’t upgrade to Windows 7-8.1 because you still need to use older software, or you can’t afford a new operating system like Windows 8.1. There is also Ubuntu, and Linux Mint which you can install on older computers.

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