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Most Used Computer Tools for fixing a desktop or laptop computer

I mostly use a Philips/Cross-head screw driver from my Computer Tool Kit the most to fix my computer Most computers and laptops which I owned used Philips cross-head screws for fastening the computer doors,  installing PCI Expansion cards, hard drive, CD/DVD optical drives, and other parts to the computer’s motherboard, and case.

I also use an Anti-static wrist strap connected to a bare metal area on my computer case to prevent static from zapping my computer parts. If I need to carry around computer parts to another location, I use anti-static bags which usually come with computer parts to prevent myself from zapping computer parts with static.

A computer tool kit is good to have because it has a lot of tools, so when you need to repair a wire, use pliers to straighten a connector on a computer part, or tweezers to pick up something you drop on the circuit board, you would have the tools you need to fix your computer instead of being stuck because you do not own the tools.

Plus, computer tools are also de-magnetized to prevent magnetic damage to your PC. Computer tools are also design, so they are easy to use inside cramp places like a computer case.

Most computer tool sets also come in a nice zippered binder case, so your tools are well organize, and easy to find, and store without a bulky tool box.

You can also use computer tools for fixing other electronics like radios, speakers, toys, and house hold items if you know how to fix them with tools.

If you suspect your computer have a broken power supply, there are many inexpensive power supply tester like Thermaltake Power Supply Tester Dr. Po which test your power supply’s power.

You can also use a Multimeter for testing your power supply, but it is harder to use, but you can also use it to test laptop, power outlets, electronic’s power adapters, batteries, and wires.

What do you use to mostly fix your computer?

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