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Green Browser, Fast Web Browser for very slow Windows based computers

I recently been using Green Browser on my slower computer, and I notice my computer internet experience slows down less on websites with a lot of flash video and other content like YouTube.com when I use Green Browser.

Websites load faster, web videos don’t skip, or pause as much, and play pretty smoothly compared to Firefox, and Google Chrome on a computer running Windows 8 with only 1GB of RAM, and a 1.86GHz Dual core CPU with an onboard Intel graphics card.

I like that Green Browser uses very little RAM and CPU power in Windows, so I can run other programs a long side Green like a Word Processor, other web browsers, media players, chat program without slow down caused by Green Browser because it is so light on system resources.

Green Browser is e a good web browser to use when you are running tasks like Antivirus scans, disk defrags and other scans which sometimes slow down your computer.

The page scrolling also seems faster in Green even when a flash video and other animations on a website is running on the same page.

Even giant websites like The Huffington Post, and  Tech Crunch load, scroll, and run faster on Green Web browser then other web browsers like Firefox, IE, etc in my experience.

Green Browser has almost all the features which the typical web browser needs like tabs, bookmarks, autofills, navigational bar, search, print page, and much more.

You can also add speed dial bookmarks in the new tabs page easily to make visiting bookmark pages faster by clicking on a button speed dial bookmark which you made on the new tabs page.

The user interface is very minimalistic like Internet Explorer 6, and below, so if you used IE, you should not have a hard time using Green Browser since the user interface is similar.

The user interface in Green is also very customizable. You can hide toolbars, menus, buttons, and other on screen items in Green Browser to get more screen space back. Green browser also come with a few themes as well.

I recommend Green Browser for someone looking for a lightweight web browser for a computer which does not have a lot of speed, and is running a older version of Windows like XP, Vista, or even newer versions of Windows like 7-8.

Check it out at http://www.morequick.com/indexen.htm

I also recommend you update to the latest version of Internet Explorer like IE 8-9 since Green Browser is based on IE, so updating IE can make Green faster.

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