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Tips for fixing your disconnected wireless router to re-connect to the internet

Wireless signals from a wireless router sometimes disconnect at random times. But, there are a few things you can do to easily make it connect again without any special tools, or software in most cases. It can be as simple as unplugging, and re-plugging in your router’s power cord or adapter from the wall’s power outlet.

Simple tips for reconnecting your router’s wireless signal to the internet.

1. Make sure your router is not overheating, or very hot. If it is very hot, move your router to a table, or area where it has a lot of free space, so the surrounding air can cool it better. You can plug your router’s power adapter or cord into another outlet to see if it makes a difference, and make sure your router’s power adapter is in an open area, and power cords, walls, and stuff is not on top of it which may make it overheat.

2. Restart your wireless router. Restarting your router is very easy. You can unplug it from the wall power for 30 seconds, and re-plug it in after a few seconds. Some routers also have a on/off button or restart button on the router, so you can easily restart it by pressing a button. You can also log-in to your router with a web browser, and restart it from the router’s control panel in a web browser. You can read your router’s manual to learn how to restart your router from your computer or web browser. You can also use an Outlet 24-Hour Timer to set your Wireless router to automatically turn off, and on to restart it at a time when you are not using your internet to make it less likely, you need to manually restart your router. You will also save a power if you set your router to be off for many hours a day when you are sleeping.

3. Unplugging and replugging in your cable or DSL modem from the wall for 30 seconds, and replugging it back in could also help if restarting your router does not help.

4. See if your computer, laptop, smartphone, and tablet can connect to other wireless networks, or could your other computers connect to your wireless signal. I notice sometimes changing your wireless router’s broadcast channel in its control panel you access through a web browser or program can help with connection problems for devices which can’t connect, or easily connect to your home wi-fi.

5. Plug your computer directly into your modem to see if your modem is connected to the internet, and if you can access the internet when directly plug into the modem, and it is not your modem which is disconnected, and not your router which is the problem.

6. Contact your internet service provider, and explain your wireless router occasionally disconnects from the internet, and ask them for help.

7. If you use a laptop which tends to overheat/get very hot, your Wi-Fi card or motherboard might be damage which means it can’t connect to your wireless router because of a damaged Wi-Fi adapter. A desktop, Tablet, and Smartphone can also have damaged wireless adapter, so if your other devices can connect to your home wi-fi fine, but only your laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc can’t connect to Wi-Fi, it may mean you need to replace or repair your Wi-Fi card on your device. For laptops, and desktops with USB ports, you can buy a USB Wireless Wi-Fi adapter to replace your failing, or broken internal Wi-Fi card.

More Advance ways to prevent your wireless router from disconnecting as often.

1. Change your wireless router’s channel to 1-11+ which may help you with getting fewer disconnection. You can change the channel of your router by logging into your router’s control panel with your web browser to change the channel. You can find out how to change your channel for your wireless channel in your wireless router’s instruction manual.

2. Most Router’s have a reset hole which you need a paper clip to reset your wireless router to the default settings which are the settings for when you bought your router.  After you reset your router, you would need to make a password and SSID user name to protect your router.

3. Updating your router’s firmware to the latest version if you are not using the latest version could help with fixing disconnection and other problems related to your router. Usually you can check what firmware you are using in your router control panel, and how to update your firmware on your routers website, and instruction manuals. Before you update your router’s firmware, make sure you have the right version of your firmware, and you use a wired connection like a Desktop PC hooked up to your router via a wire networking cable to update your firmware. Also, don’t unplugg or restart your router when you are updating your router, and don’t update your router if your power is unreliable like during a storm or construction which may cause you to lose power to your home randomly because of a fallen tree or power cable.

Buying a new Modem Wi-Fi Router Combo, or cheap wireless router to replace your broken router

If none of these tips work for you at fixing your wireless disconnection problem, you can ask your Internet Service provider if it sells a Modem Wi-Fi/Wireless router combo device which combines your router, and your modem, so you do not have to deal with two devices, and your ISP may be able to remotely fix your wireless signal, modem problems, and other internet problems which you are having by logging into your modem/router at their office, or send a technician over to your house to fix your problem with internet, wireless internet, or poor internet performance. The best part of a modem and wireless router combo is they are both guaranteed to work with each other, and you can login to your modem and router at the same time to change settings, and restart them both at the same time by unplugging it from the wall’s power for 30 seconds, and re-plugging it back in, or by using a web browser, program or app to restart it from a web browser. Plus, you’ll get technical support for both your modem and wireless router from your ISP. You’ll also might save some power since you only need to plug in one device instead of two, and you also don’t need as many cables to plug in power cords and adapters to your devices, and you’ll need 1 less network cable to plug in your router to your modem.

Wireless routers are more affordable these days, you can buy a good wireless router with positive user reviews, fast speeds of up to 300 Mbps, better power efficiency, better reliability, more features, and longer range for under 30 dollars like the TP-Link WL TL-WR841N 300Mbps Wireless Router which has an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars from 115 Amazon.com user.

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