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Advanced SystemCare PRO 5 – Best System Utility Maintenance Software for Windows

I have been using Advance SystemCare PRO 5 for a few months on my Windows 7 computer, and it have been working great at keeping Windows 7 well-maintained.

I run Advance System Care Pro 5 on an older Windows 7 desktop computer with a 1.86 GHz CPU, 1GB RAM, and 320GB hard drive, and ASC starts up, and runs pretty fast compared to other system utility software which I tried in the past. It also not only keeps my computer running well, but it also makes it faster by tweaking Windows, Internet, and other settings for improve responsiveness, and there is a Turbo mode in ASC PRO which closes un-needed programs for more free system resources.

Advance System Care Pro also comes with a malware scanner, startup program manager to disable un-needed startup programs, services, and scheduled tasks which can be one of the main causes for slow performance during computer startup, and when you use it.

I also use Advance System Care Pro 5 on a older laptop running Windows Vista, and a very old Windows Xp desktop, and ASC make them both Startup faster, run more reliably, and perform better after I do a Deep Clean, and let Advance System Care run in the background to maintain my computers when they are idle. If you can’t afford a new Windows 7, or future Windows 8 computers which costs hundreds to thousands of dollars, installing Advance System Care Pro 5 on your older Windows 2000, XP, and Vista PC, and using it to maintain your PC would make your older computer more usable which would mean you can keep using it for many more years. Advance System Care Pro 5 also works for Windows 7, and Windows 8, so it can maintain your newer computer, laptop, or Windows Tablet so it is fast, and reliable for years to come.

Advance SystemCare Pro 5 automatically maintains my Registry, hard drives, Windows security, and optimizes my computer when my computer is idle, or when I do a Quick or Deep scan on my computer with Advance SystemCare Pro 5.

ASC also optimizes my internet settings, and web browser settings to make my internet run faster in Windows.

I also like using the Turbo Mode in Advance SystemCare PRO since it closes unnecessary background programs, services, and processes, and defreags the RAM for faster performance when using my computer because fewer programs are open which means I use less RAM and CPU cycles. There is also Active Boost which continually monitors your CPU, and RAM, and optimizes your system’s CPU and RAM for the best performance, so your computer will be running at its best all the time while your computer is on.

Advance SystemCare comes with a disk defrag, disk clean up, malware scanner, disk scanner, registry cleaner, registry defrag, and privacy scanner which you can run by running a deep scan with ASC. Running a Scan in Advance SystemCare Pro 5 is easy. I just have to open it, and click on Deep scan or quick scan to run it, and scan and repair different parts of Windows to make sure everything is working well in Windows.

ASC also reminds me to do a deep scan  to check for, and fix problems if I did not do a deep scan in a week.

Advance Systemcare also backs up deleted registry key in the rare case it deleted something you needed for a program to run, and you need to use its Rescue center to restore registry keys for a program to run.

I notice my computer starts up faster, and runs more reliably after installing Advance System Care Pro 5 on it.

I also like the user interface in Advance Systemcare Pro 5 since it is easy to use, and fast. Plus, there are a lot of different skins for ASC, so you can easily change the look to suit your taste.

Advance Systemcare Pro 5 is one of the best system utilities for maintaining Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, and 8 to keep it running like new, or better then new if your computer came with a lot of non-optimal settings, and tons of startup programs which are slowing down your PC’s performance.

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