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Cyber Acoustic Stick Computer Microphone Video

I have been using the Cyber Acoustic Stick Mic for most of my basic voice recording, and voice chat for a few years, and it has been pretty reliable.

In this video, I show you the features, and performance of the Mic with a short audio clip at the end of the video. I mostly show how it looks, and how it is foldable to make it space saving.

It is also very easy to use because I just plug it into the pink 3.5mm microphone jack on the back or front of my computer, or laptop, and it works without the need to install drivers, and software for my Mic.

I like that it has an adjustable mic stick/shaft, so I can move it up or down depending on how I am sitting to the mic.  I can also fold it flat when I am not using it, so it also saves me a little bit of space as well since it is easy to hide by folding it downwards.

There is also rubber feet on the bottom of the mic to keep it from moving around while I’m using it, and the base is big enough, so it won’t tip over easily.

There is also a on and off switch for privacy when you don’t want people listening to your mic. The on/off makes muting/turning off the mic a lot easier compared to going into the sound properties for Windows or Ubuntu to mute the Mic.

The Cable for the Mic is also pretty long, so even if I am using the mic on a big desk, or the computer is farther away from me, I can still plug it in to the pink 3.5mm headphone port.

The quality on the mic is pretty good for a cheap mic which cost about 10-15 dollars depending where you buy it. There is also a tongue shape piece of plastic which catch your voice and directs it into the mic. The Mic is also a stereo mic, so it records your voice in stereo. The Mic gets its power from your 3.5mm pink microphone jack, so no batteries are needed to power it which makes using the mic more convenient because its powered by the PC.

This mic is good for people who need a mic for Skype, recording short notes, video chatting, voice chatting, and vocals, but don’t want to spend too much money on more expensive headset mics, and USB mics which are used for recording singing, or more high quality sound, but cost a lot more.

Using a computer and stick mic to record your voice is easier then using some cell phones with recording apps since it is easier to adjust the volume settings of your mic, and there are more different kinds of audio recording and editing software, so you can adjust the quality more easily as well.

Tips for using a Microphone on a computer.

You can turn up or down the volume for your microphone in your sound card settings to make your recordings louder, or not as loud. Make sure your head is a few feet away from the Mic, so people won’t hear your breathing noises. You can also use Microphone boost on some sound cards to boost the sound of the Microphone to record louder sound, but the sound quality might be bad.

Audacity, Sound Recorder, and Windows Movie Maker can record sound from your Mic. Wav is the best format to save your sound file recording as since it is uncompressed, but if you want to save your recordings to share online like a podcast, Audio Book, etc then MP3, WMA, or OGG are better because of the smaller file size.


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