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Using Portable Tripod for Small Digital Camera + Camcorders to stabilize picture + videos

A portable tripod for digital cameras will help you take less blurry photos, and shaky video caused by shacking hands. Tripods work by using a three legged stand to hold your camera and camcorder when you record or take a picture on a camera. You can also use them to hold your camera while you record yourself, and others without you having to be behind the camera to press the shutter button, and hold the camera.

Portable Tripods can be as cheap as 1 to 10 dollars online, or at a dollar store. The Tripods made of plastic would be cheaper, but the ones made with metal will last longer, and have more features. I use the plastic ones since my camera is not very heavy, and they are cheap to buy.

They are very easy to use. You just have to screw the bottom of your small digital camera or camcorder to the top of the tripod stand where you record you place your camera, and un-fold the bottom three legs to keep the camera upright, and from falling. After you are done setting up your camera on your tripod, place your Tripod on a flat surface like a shelf, table, book case, or chair, so you can record or take pictures on a flat surface.

A portable Tripod stand will make it easier for video blogging on YouTube since the Tripod will hold the camera while you are in front of the camera recording yourself. Also, seeing both of your hands in the video looks more natural then only using one hand in the video while the other hand is recording yourself.

With a portable tripod, you can also adjust the height of the camera by adjusting the legs angles to a taller or lower position.

Some portable tripod also lets you adjust the angle of the camera by having a screw and joint which is movable, so you can adjust your camera to record from different angles.

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