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YouTube new Layout, Make it more usable if you find it hard to use!

Recently, YouTube changed its website layout for its web design template. It made it difficult for some people like myself to read, but it seems to be more optimized for mobile devices like tablets smartphones, and other devices.

The new design which makes it hard for me is the subscriptions on the homepage when I log into YouTube. I now need to scroll down a lot to see new videos which Chanels which I am subscribed to uploaded recently.

If you go to the right top corner of YouTube’s website, and click on an Arrow pointing down it would open a tiny menu. On the Tiny Menu, there is a link Called Subscriptions which would lead you to youtube.com/my_subscriptions?feature=mhee  which will show you the classic Subscription inbox from a few years a go which shows you uploads from channels which uploaded videos in the last few weeks. There are 4 videos per line, and 10 + rows. On the left sidebar, you can click on the channel names which you are subscribe to, so you can view more of their previous videos.

Hopefully, YouTube leaves the Subscription page alone, and does not replace it with  youtube.com/home subscription box which seem kind of crowded, and has too many links which I don’t really care about like Trending, Popular, and Suggested Channel.

I liked the old subscription homepage which has 4 videos per row, and the ability to remove videos from the subscription box quickly by hitting an X button on the Video. Now the video subscription box is like the Twitter Feed, and Facebook Wall which requires a lot of scrolling.

You can also set up your YouTube account to send you weekly e-mails of new video uploads by your subscribers to your Gmail e-mail account, so you don’t even have to be logged into YouTube to be updated on new video uploads. You can set up e-mail subscriptions in the subscribe button for channels which you are subscribed to. I think E-mail subscription on YouTube are sent by default unless you manually choose to opt-out of them.

If you Switch to the New Channel Profile Layout, and don’t like it because it has too many buttons, and links on the top like Feature, Feed, and Videos. The Gray theme also looks not as personal as a costum theme which you designed by picking colors. The new Layout also does not list your favorite books, movies, music, and links which you have posted in your Bio like the old layout. I notice for some

You just click the  “Edit Channel” and click the “switch back to the old look” button in the appearance tab for Edit Channel, and you’ll have all your old profile info layout, and design back.

Also, if you use the most viewed sections on YouTube, I recommend you open videos by right clicking them, and clicking open from new tab, or open from new Window since if you open the video from the same Window when you hit the back button you’ll be back at page 1 instead of the current page which you are previously on vs just going back to the same page by closing your video browser tab, or window once you are done watching the video.

I wish that YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook would give the option for people to upgrade or not upgrade to the new website theme, or let users design their own theme for Social network homepage to make using their sites easier. I wonder if there is a browser plug-in or App which is possible to change the look of YouTube on a personal computer.

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