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Install Wired LAN 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Network PCI Card on Motherboard Video

A Wired LAN Network Ethernet PCI card is a expansion card which you install into a PCI slot on a motherboard on a desktop computer. A network PCI card lets you communicate with the internet, or your home wired ethernet network via a router, hub, switch or crossover cables  which are all connected via ethernet networking wires. A PCI network card is needed if your onboard network card breaks, or it is not compatible with your operating system like Windows, or Linux. A Network card can be installed  on a  older motherboard which does not have onboard networking ports for using broadband internet, or connecting to a wired ethernet network which is used to share and stream files and folders with other computers. a network can also be used to share hardware resources like a CD-ROM drive, printer, scanner, and hard drive space.

All you need is a screwdriver to install a PCI network card on your computers motherboard in most computer cases.

Turn off your computer, and unplug all cables, and devices from the back of your computer before you begin to prevent damage to your computer, and yourself.

You first need to open your computer case with a Philips cross head screwdriver. Next you want to remove the back metal plate from the Back of the PCI port. You can use a crosshead screwdriver to remove it.

Be sure to wear an anti-static wrist strap to avoid static from damaging your PCI network card, and motherboard. Take the PCI network card out of the box, and line the gold metal connectors up to the connector holes on an empty PCI port. Gently, push in the PCI network card until it is securely in place on the PCI slot on the motherboard. Re-screw the small screw on the hole on the case which holds the PCI network cards metal back to the case.

Plug in a 10/100 Cat 5 Network cable to the back of the network port until you hear a small click, and plug the other side of the cable to a modem, router, switch, or hub till you hear a click.

When the computer is ON, there is a green light which blinks on a modem, router, hub, or switch, and on the back of your  network card. The blinking light means your computer is properly connected to your modem, or other networking device.

In older operating systems like Windows 98, you may need to install driver software for the network card to work properly, but with many newer operating systems like Windows XP, Vista, 7, and newer Linux distros like Ubuntu 11.04, the drivers/software for your network card will automatically install after you are logged into your computer’s operating system, or after doing a Windows update in Windows.

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