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Video on How to Open Most Desktop PC Computer Tower Cases

See how to open most types of computer cases by watching my short video on how I use my fingers, and screw drivers to remove most computer case doors, so you can get inside your computer to repair a part, or upgrade a part inside your computer.

The First thing you got to do is to get your tools you need to open your computer case doors. Most cases these days uses thumb screws to open your computer cases, but older cases tend to use Phillips Cross head screws or flat head screws. In rare cases, they might even use Torx screws. Buy a computer repair tool kit from Amazon if you need a tools like a Philips head or flat head screwdriver to open and repair your computer at home.

Make sure to shut down or turn off, and unplug your computer from the wall’s electrical power outlet,  and  all other types of  cables like USB cables, monitor cables, and networking cables connected to the back of your computer. Touch the side of the computer or a metal object to get rid of static on your body, and wear an anti-static wrist strap if you have one to prevent static electricity from zapping your computer, and damaging it. Also, do not wear jewellery when working inside your computer. Make sure your hands are dry before you open or touch your computer’s case.

Locate the screws which are holding your case doors to the case. There are usually two screws on each side. Some cases just have 1 door while others have two.

You turn the case screws fastening the door to your computer case in a counter clockwised position to unscrew the case from the computer.

Next, you use your hand to push your computer case door off your case by pushing/pulling the case door away from the computer.  Sometimes, you may need to use a lot of muscle power to get the door off if it is stuck to the case.

Lastly, you lift the door away from the case.

Now you should have access to the computer case.

To put the computer case back on your computer. You push the case doors back on your computer then screw the case doors back on your computer by turning the screws back on in a clockwise rotation.

You may need to line up the case doors hooks with holes then screw the case door back in.

Watch more videos on computer repair and maintenance at Youtube.com/johnsonyip1

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  • TechLogon October 30, 2011, 8:56 pm

    Great vid, sounds so easy but some cases can be a swine to open – and of course they never ever have instructions…

    The worst ones I see are old Dells towers and desktops where the whole thing kind of slides open – and really old cases where you had to pull the front off to slide the panels out (but were never quite certain if it was one of those types!)

  • pauladams October 31, 2011, 6:53 am

    This is a very informative blog. That’s cool, about installing. I also want to try this. Thanks for sharing.

  • Johnson Yip October 31, 2011, 2:05 pm

    Indeed, older Dell towers are pretty bad. I also don’t like those cases where you have to push very hard on two buttons and lift it at the same time. Those cases which require you to take off the front panel to open it are pretty confusing as well.

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