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What makes Ubuntu 11.10 so great? Preview Video

Ubuntu 11.10 looks like a great free open source linux based operating System for doing tasks like browsing the web, chat, e-mail, Linux gaming, media playback, and multi-tasking.  It also has a nice purple theme. Ubuntu 11.10 also looks like a very  fast even though it has fancy animations. The launching apps, searching for files and apps run very fast in this guy screencast video of Ubuntu 11.10 I might just have to update Ubuntu 10.04 to Ubuntu 11.10 by doing a clean install. I hope the launcher bar is movable to the bottom.

The Ubuntu Software center for 11.10 also looks pretty nice with 1000s of apps. One thing I hope is Ubuntu 11.10 bundeles a better video editor then Pitivi, and a better sound recorder app like Audacity. Although, the music players like Banshee, RythmBox which come with Ubuntu are pretty good. But, the default video players like Totem player is kind of basic, but it is very easy to use Ubuntu Software Center to find, and install VLC VideoLan,  and Mplayer, SM Player video players which are more feature rich. The best software which come with Ubuntu would probably be LibreOffice since it is a great free open source office suite software.

It also seems Ubuntu 11.10 will be more about buying music online like iTunes, and storing it online with Ubuntu One Cloud online storage.

I wonder,  in the future, would Ubuntu sell movies, or stream video like NetFlix, and other services.

But, I’m not sure if Ubuntu will ever offer cloud applications like ZoHo office online cloud office suite, onlive cloud gaming, other online based software since Cloud computing is closed and proprietary, and does not go well with open source unless you also release the Cloud App for free like EyeOS which lets you install the web based Operating System on any web server with php, and MySQL support.  WordPress is also a good example of a free online open source App which you can modify into a cloud application for Word Proccessing if you know how to code plug-ins for WP.

I like the built-in search function in Ubuntu it looks very easy to use and fast. I wonder if the Unity desktop works better. Otherwise I probably just stick with the Claasic Gnome,  KDE,  LXDE, Xfce and other leaner less system resources desktop environment compared to Unity. The Unity desktop, and the Launcher bar on the left side of the screen was one of the reasons I decided to switch back to Ubuntu 10.04, and Ubuntu 11.04 was kind of unstable on my PC, and Adobe flash crashes Firefox 4. Hopefully, HTML5 will be more popular with videosites like YouTube where all the videos are in HTML5 mode.

This is a very nice video made by CelebrateUbuntu of YouTube. I like the music it is kind of catchy.

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