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How to use Anonymous Proxy server websites to Access blocked or slow loading website on your ISP or Network!

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Recently, a few websites like Comodo.com were loading incredibly slow or  stop loading before it can finish loading. I narrowed it down to my Internet Service Provider having problems loading the website I wanted to go to because I asked the web hosting company, and they said everything was fine. Plus, I can go to other popular websites like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, and more. I even tried changing my DNS server address to Comodo DNS, and plugging my network cable from my Cable modem directly into my computer’s networking Ethernet cable port.

Everything I listed above was a failure, and did not work at making Comodo.com and other websites which were slow load faster. I could of phoned up my internet service provider, and ask them to fix my problem which I plan to do if they do not fix this problem in a few days, but I got this feeling they will say, “we’re working on the problem, and it should be fixed shortly”.

I think most likely my Internet Provider is having bandwidth or network related problems since it is the summer time which usually means high school kids and college students who move back home are using a lot of bandwidth. I sort of wish I had Fiber Internet, so my Internet is always fast for every website. But, Fiber internet is not cheap, so I will keep on using Cable internet for now till I’m rich or Fiber becomes more affordable.

The only fix which worked for me was using a free Proxy Server websites which I used to access blocked websites at school like video game websites, social networks, Youtube, sports sites, gambling, adult websites, and other non-educational website which the school did not want students to be on. I notice  when using a Free Proxy server my internet connection speeds for certain websites are faster. Sometimes I need to access a website to download a file or get some information which is what proxy are good for when your ISP is not loading a website or a network is blocking me from accessing a file or information I need. I run forums, blogs, and websites, and not being able to log in to them to moderate, comments, write content on my websites can be very annoying for me since having your forum over runned with spam is not acceptable since spam and troll posts can really ruin the reputation of a website in a matter of days, so it is important for me to always check to see if anyone is posting bad comments on my websites and social media websites, and remove them as quickly as possible. Luckily, I learned that proxy server sites can improve the speed of websites which load slowly on my ISP or other people’s ISPs, so I can log in to my forum to delete a spammer, and ban him from posting on my forum.

Online Anonymous proxy website are simple to use basically all you have to do is type in a web address like johnsonyip.com into a text box and hit the “Go” Button and the proxy website will redirect you to the website which you typed in. A proxy server is like a secret tunnel to get to the website you want to go to by secretly tunneling through internet filters and other censorship tools. Proxy servers websites work on all operating systems with web browsers like  Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.

My best guest on why it is faster using a proxy vs my regular internet is because the connection is not as heavily used or better maintained compared to my ISPs connection which can be bloated by a lot of traffic from file downloads, streaming video, and regular web browsers browsing  online.

freeproxyserver.net is a proxy server I been using recently, the speeds are pretty good, and there are not a lot of distracting ads on it like some Proxy servers. It also seem to block ads from advertising networks like Adbrite, so you don’t need an ad-blocker when using a proxy server. But, I notice some stuff like forum posting buttons for Youtube, and pop up windows for smileys/emoticons don’t work very well. Also some proxy servers don’t work with Youtube and other streaming video websites, but it seems to work with embedded Youtube videos on forums, blogs and websites.

hidemyass.com Proxy Server works with Youtube, but it uses a different video player then  Youtube and the Youtube search engine also work. However, some of the functionality of Youtube does not work very well like “show all video” and “channel view”.

If your workplace, or school blocks the websites I listed above, you can use Google or other search engines and search for “Free proxy websites” . There are thousands to millions of proxy websites.

Proxies are also a good way to protect your privacy while at work or school since these days a lot of companies invade users privacy by installing internet monitoring software, and other intrusive software like Key loggers, Spyware, etc to monitor their network usage. Although, Proxies won’t block key loggers, and spyware, but at least it hides your  internet activity, so it will be harder for your average boss to figure out where you used your password or username or you typed your private info like chats.

Although, you should not use a proxy server to harass people on forums, hack, spread viruses, or to do other unethical things since the government  and other authorities can find ways of tracking you down, but probably won’t  unless you do something very serious like spreading malware through out the internet for financial gain and identity theft.

Some bosses, school officials, and work places might frown upon proxy server websites, so if your school or workplace is incredibly strict on internet usage. It is best to wait until you get home to access your websites unless your wife, husband, or other person block a website then a proxy server is necessary.

But, It can be not very secure using online proxies for tasks like online banking, e-mail, or buying stuff online since all your information has to pass through the proxy server site before it reaches the website. Proxy are best for going on Youtube, Facebook, and other banned websites.

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